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Types of Insurance Accepted

I am an in-network provider with Kaiser Permanente. Please contact me with your Kaiser ID and birth date so I can verify your benefits.


Rates and Services

Cancellation policy: I reserve the right to charge 1/2 the session fee for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.

60-minute session of Swedish, prenatal, or deep tissue: $70

​•90-minute session of Swedish or deep tissue: $95


Packages and Giftcards:

  • 4-pack of 60-minute sessions: $266
  • 6-pack of 60-minute sessions: $378
  • 12-pack of 60-minute sessions: $720
  • Monthly Membership: One session charged automatically to your credit card monthly; additional massages can be purchased during the month for the same discounted rate. Unused massages don’t expire, but roll over to subsequent months:
    • 60-minute: $60 
    • 90-minute: $85
  • eGiftcards (click here) 
    • 60-minute: $70
    • 90-minute: $95
    • Also buy 4-packs and 6-packs.
    • Give a custom amount


Massage Descriptions


Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release 


  • releases the tissue envelope around the muscles
  • loosens sticky adhesions so muscles can glide over each other
  • allows shortened muscles to rebound to their proper shape  
  • relieves pain
  • restores proper function


Structural Integration (Postural Balancing)

  • deep tissue massage that systematically treats postural patterns that cause chronic pain and dysfunction
  • alleviates muscular imbalances and encourages bones to return to a more neutral position
  • individualized treatment plan based on an assessment of the client's posture
  • involves exercises and stretches to re-educate the body's posture and movement patterns.


Craniosacral Therapy

  • Light touch modality that gently releases fascial restrictions throughout the body
  • Opens the cranial bones and unsticks dural tube adhesions to increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and around the spinal cord
  • Helps the central nervous system by relaxing the sympathetic nervous system
  • Helps people with migraines and headaches; chronic neck and back pain; stress and tension related disorders; post concussion symptoms; fibromyalgia; central nervous system disorders.


Neuromuscular Therapy 


  • releases painful knots in muscle fibers called "trigger points" that refer pain to other parts of the body 
  • alleviates "tenderpoints" that can later become trigger points
  • includes techniques that neurologically reset muscle length 


Swedish Massage


  • gentle 
  • relaxes
  • increases circulation
  • promotes better quality sleep 


Prenatal Massage

  • side lying position for access to neck, hips and back
  • bolstered top leg for comfort and stability
  • cushions for belly, head, arm
  • (see blog post about the benefits of prenatal massage)














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