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Rates and Services

1 hour session of Swedish, prenatal, or deep tissue: $65

‚Äč•1.5 hour session of Swedish or deep tissue: $90

70 minute session of DoTerra Aroma Touch : 30 minute Swedish, plus 40 minute 4-step aroma therapy treatment for immune system, stress, inflammation and balance: $85 



  • 4-pack of one hour sessions: $247
  • 6-pack of one hour sessions: $350
  • 12-pack of one hour sessions: $660
  • Membership: $55 (charged automatically to your credit card monthly; additional massages can be purchased during the month for $55 each. Unused massages don’t expire, but roll over to subsequent months).
  • eGiftcards $55 for 1-hour session; $80 for 90 minute session. Also buy 4-packs and 6-packs!


Add Ons:

•Add 1 step aroma therapy treatment: $5 (choose from immune system, stress, inflammation or homeostasis)



Swedish Massage


  • gentle 
  • relaxes
  • increases circulation
  • promotes better quality sleep 


Prenatal Massage

  • side lying position for access to neck, hips and back
  • bolstered top leg for comfort and stability
  • cushions for belly, head, arm

(see blog post about the benefits of prenatal massage)



Hot Stones 

  • Hot stones are incorporated into deep tissue massages in order to relax, warm and soothe the tissue in preparation for deeper work. The therapist can go deeper faster and more comfortably for the client.


Myofascial Release 


  • deep tissue massage that releases the tight tissue envelope around the muscles
  • loosens sticky adhesions so muscles can glide over each other
  • allows shortened muscles to rebound to their proper shape  
  • relieves pain
  • restores proper function


Neuromuscular Therapy 


  • releases painful knots in muscle fibers called "trigger points" that refer pain to other parts of the body 
  • alleviates "tenderpoints" that can later become trigger points
  • includes techniques that neurologically reset muscle length 


 Aroma Touch Therapy

  • pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and oil blends to enhance relaxation and relieve pain
  • 100% natural lotion; light and non-greasy
  • Aroma Touch* therapy consists of applying specific oils to the spine in four steps to reduce stress and inflammation and to promote immune system function and homeostasis. (*Aroma Touch is the registered trademark of DoTerra essential oils).


Structural Integration (Postural Balancing)

  • deep tissue massage that systematically treats postural patterns that cause chronic pain and dysfunction
  • alleviates muscular imbalances and encourages bones to return to a more neutral position
  • individualized treatment plan based on an assessment of the client's posture
  • involves exercises and stretches to re-educate the body's posture and movement patterns.  









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